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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cakes, Pies and Danoots

Many Italians, while publicly criticizing the ways of the fat lazy Americans, particularly their customs and habits regarding food, will secretly make their way to their local McDonald's each and every day and all at the very same time (1 - 3PM for lunch and 8 - 9PM for dinner). Well, ok, not secretly ... but seriously, down with America and their eating habits! is hammered into our heads every day on television, periodicals, billboards, pamphlets, radio, etc. and yet, no pizzeria is ever as crowded as a McDonald's on a Saturday evening. Can you say, contraddizione? Of course you can, but you'll probably pronounce it incorrectly, putting stress on the wrong syllable. Anyway.

I had meant to write a little more, drag this out a bit, talk about how even as every Italian and their mamma is flocking to McDonald's at all hours of the day (no, not really, just lunch and dinner hours) even Americans, the tourists, that is, are scrambling their fat lazy bottoms there too !! Why? It's beyond me. Why would you travel half way across the globe to another country on another continent and then eat at McDonald's? Of all the places! Sheesh. Well, that was the idea, to talk endlessly about this ... but Mrs. Boricua is waiting to chit and chat, so I must make this short. 

The point of this post was to tell the tale of the DANOOT. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The DANOOT.

I was at McDonald's. Wait - stop - before you go and judge me (the way I just finished judging the hypocritical Italians and the fat lazy American tourists), you have to understand: it's ok when I do it *smiles sincerely* It's ok because I'm not Italian. It's ok because I'm not a tourist. And finally, it's ok because there's nothing else to eat here except PIZZA !! 

So, there I was at McDonald's. Not just any McDonald's, mind you. This McDonald's has a McCafè! Ooooh la la. Yes, a McCafè where they serve hot caffè americana and cheesecake (meh) and apple pie (ehh) and DONUTS !! I ordered the donut. 
"Potrei avere tre donut?" I asked. I tried hard to fake a bad American accent.
"Come? Scusi?" she tried her hand at English, "Sorry, please?"
She mumbles to herself, thinking I couldn't possibly understand, "ma che sarebbe?"
(now, what could that be?)
"Donut," I say, "Dooooonut." She still doesn't understand. I point my finger to the left and motion towards the display case. I bend over and point, jabbing my finger at the glass. She bends over, too. We're now looking at each other through the glass, the tray of donuts between us. "Donut," I say again, pointing straight at them.
"Ahhhh," she breathes with a nod of understanding, "vuoi dire danoot."
"Danoot? No, donut."
"No, no, si dice: daaaa nooooot."
(No, no, it's pronounced daaaa noooot)
"No," I laugh hoity toity like, "doh nut."
"Dees ees danoot, danoot, daaaa noooot," she says, feeling it her duty to correct my poor English.
sigh. Ok, you win, "Potrei avere tre danoot?"

On the Bright Side
°she was patient and helpful
°eating danoots

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Sarah in Calabria said...

I've found that the "danoots" are not the same as the "danoots" I've been brought up with. This post had me howling. I love your writing stile.keep it up.!