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Also - a few helpful posts for visitors to Rome or for newly arrived ex pats. Check the side bar for tags. I've even some recipes that I've borrowed, tweaked or invented. One thing I've come to love about Italy is how it's changed the way I eat - slow food !! Although ... I do miss Taco Bell ... and Jack in The Box ... and KFC ... and ::sigh::
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

EUREKA !! Burger King !!

Fast food is bad for us. Bad. Bad. Bad. I should be thankful to live in a culture where "slow food" is still the norm. And I am. But fast food is soooo scrumptious! Not to mention convenient when coming home from a late night out at a church event; or after a long day of errands and chores; or after having spent the whole morning waiting in lines, you've missed your chance to shop for groceries because now, it's one o'clock, the stores have closed and your husband and children are dying of hunger.

So it's off to Jack in The Box !! Or Pizza Hut !! Or Taco Bell !! Or KFC !! Heck, let's do some fine dining and go to the Olive Garden, instead !! Or Red Lobster !! Or Marie Calendar's !! Or Denny's !! 

But alas, we are in Italy. Home of the pizzeria. Land of the pizzetta. Nation of pizzas. Get my drift? If you like pizza, then you have hit the jackpot, my friend. Oh! Yessirree! indeed, the jackpot. Never mind that there is only one pharmacy (8:30AM - 1 PM / 4:30PM - 7PM / Mon - Fri / Some Saturdays / Closed on Sundays except for one Sunday out of each month, maybe, depends) in your neighborhood, only one Post Office (similar hours/days) in your zone, only one ASL Azienda Sanitaria Locale (State run Health/Medical Clinic) in your district, only one insert any other useful / helpful / practical service here ... never mind all that. What's important is that every which way you turn, at all hours of the day and night (Mondays excluded), you will find that "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will stay these" pizza guys "from the swift completion of their approved rounds" of making pizza and offering the fruits of their labors to the masses because there ain't no mountain high enough; ain't no valley low enough; ain't no river wide enough to keep them from getting it to you. Well, rather, getting you to them, since, pizza delivery is a long and tortuous wait, you'll want to go and pick it up yourself. Unless, of course, you had intended, on purpose, to eat cold, wet, greasy pizza 2 hours later. Then, yes, fine, in that case, let them bring it to you. 

Oh! Drats! Side tracked again by my very own brain! Where was I? What was I talking about? Oh yes, Fast Food. Riiiiight. There is none. Well, okay, there is ... but a McDonald's every 200 meters just doesn't count, now does it? They're EVERYWHERE !! Their signs are EVERYWHERE !! Italian people flock to McDonald's like moths to a flame -- burned by the fire, my heart is -- stop it, Brain! Twelve year old boys have birthday parties there and their friends actually come !! We mustn't blame the Italian people, though, for this obvious lack of good judgement. They may have Da Vinci, Dante and Pavarotti, but they know nothing, NOTHING, about the culinary arts that give us Fast Food, Drive Thru's and Diners - and while I'm at it, ranch dressing, for that matter. They know nothing. So what we have here is: pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza again, pizza, more pizza or McDonald's. Now if you have beaucoup bucks, you can go to ristoranti or bisteccherie or osterie, but if you don't and you have your heart set on sending your children to University one day, then that's not really an option. In between, closer to the prices of pizza and McDonald's than to Signor Haute Cuisine, you have Chinese restaurants, Turkish Kebab shops and ... well, gee ... that's it, really. Not much else. 

But times are a-changing. I'm happy to say that in my area, we've been able to find a chicken place, a fast food chain originally from Pakistan, called Chicken Hut. They have Chicken Burgers, Chicken Kebabs, Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Hot Wings, Onion Rings and 7-Up. Two adults, one teen and one tween, we're able to nourish our bodies with white and dark meat, questionable frying oil, pre-cooked and frozen vegetables and carbonated drink for about 26€. Not bad. Mcdonald's usually costs us about 32€. 

I've also just discovered that we have Burger King !! More than a few, in fact. It ends up costing a little more than McDonald's if we each buy a complete meal, but that's because we usually add Onion Rings and Chicken Tenders and Donuts (for the next day's breakfast, a treat !). Anyway, it's worth it. Donuts. Oh! That reminds me of an experience I had a while back, but ... another post, another day. Back on topic. Y a Y !! Burger King. I've found you. At long last, O my Burger King !!

On the Bright Side
°"slow food" has helped me to shed some pounds since arriving in Italy
°Ms. SmartyPants and Mr. Uometto have been raised on fresh, healthy, homemade fare
°learning to cook many of my previous just-add-water-ready-to-heat-in-only-5-minutes-preservative-laden dishes from scratch

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