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This is where I sometimes gripe, complain and grumble about the things I dislike, have yet to get used to or simply don't understand about bella Italia.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outreach Team, Italian Gesticulation and Facebook

Last Sunday, the 28th of November, we had a visiting missionary team from Calvary Chapel's Bible College in Vajta, Hungary. These guys are ridiculously funny and so in love with the Lord. Most of them are originally from the US, one is from Canada and one's from down under, that is, Australia ^.^

We had such a fun time with them doing outreach, late night runs for gelato and here, below, they show us the proper Italian way to say, "What in the world are you talking about?!" 

Ma che stai a dì?!
As it turns out, one of the fellas has been to visit us before.
he said : We've met before, I'm Mr. T - I was here last summer.
I said : Oh ... sorry, I don't remember. *nope, nothing, nada, zip
he said : I helped with the Lifehouse skit at Calvary Chapel Rome. I was here with my dad, Mr. S ...
I said : hmm ... yeah ... um ... I ... sorry.


he said : um ... you know, we're friends on Facebook.


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