That would be me, Mrs. Moglie. Married to a native Italian, Mr. Marito.
Mother to a daughter in high school, Ms. SmartyPants and a son in middle school, Mr. Uometto.
Employed at a private British School as an English teacher and Coordinator of Children's Studies.
Part of a small, but growing Protestant church in Frascati, a small town in the hills just outside of Rome.

This is where I sometimes gripe, complain and grumble about the things I dislike, have yet to get used to or simply don't understand about bella Italia.
I do, however, have many people, places and things that I dearly love and I am more than aware of being blessed by each and every one of them.
Also - a few helpful posts for visitors to Rome or for newly arrived ex pats. Check the side bar for tags. I've even some recipes that I've borrowed, tweaked or invented. One thing I've come to love about Italy is how it's changed the way I eat - slow food !! Although ... I do miss Taco Bell ... and Jack in The Box ... and KFC ... and ::sigh::
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fans, Flowers and Other Props

My friend, Ms. LongIsland, is both an English teacher and a French teacher. She's a colleague at the private British school where I work and she also spends a few hours each week teaching in a public Italian middle school. Brain is reminding me that I'll have to sit down one day soon and gripe about the travails of public school teachers - but first, I'll have to become more informed. So be patient, Brain! I'll get to it. I will, I say!

What I want to do in this post is showcase just one of Ms. LongIsland's many talents as well as show off my photos. -teehee- She makes the most beautiful earrings and sells them to clients or gives them away  to  wonderful, marvelous and deserving friends (like me). YAY! So have a look and be amaaaaazed.

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