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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh Yum !!

I'm definitely not a vegetarian. I like meat. I like chicken, beef, fish (seafood) and pork, in that order. I don't like lamb, venison, rabbit, pigeon or horse. I like the animals - as in, I like to see them, play with them, pet them or feed them - I just don't like to eat them. But that's just me. I don't know why Brain tells me it's ok to eat Clarabelle the cow and Wilbur the pig, but not ok to eat Bambi the deer or Mr. Ed the horse. It's entirely arbitrary. I mean, I could say I prefer not to eat cute animals ... but pigs are cute, aren't they? And besides, it doesn't really reason to say I enjoy eating chicken because they're ugly. Why would you want to eat ugly things, right? So, I honestly don't know why I eat certain meats and shy away from others. And I certainly don't wish to say one kind of animal is more deserving to live while another deserves to be bred just so I can eat it.

Different cultures have had different diets due to their geography and herding/hunting skills. And because of this, they each have different cultural/traditional foods. Naturally, those elements continue to influence a nation's present day eating habits and food choices. That's to be expected and anyway, you knew that already. What you may not know is where I stand on this whole, which animals should we eat, which animals shouldn't we eat debate. In my humble opinion, I don't think it fair or at all nice to negatively judge another culture's choice in meat just because one finds it personally unappealing. To some the cat is a pet, to others it's food. The same goes for dogs and rats and snakes and horses. Now, don't misinterpret what I'm saying here. I'm not talking about cruelty or driving animals into extinction - that's another subject entirely. Also, I don't pretend to know the politics or dynamics of the meat industry, the buying, the selling, the breeding, the raising, the slaughtering and so on, so it's best I stay quiet on that matter or I'll surely say silly things based on silly ideas that have brought me to silly conclusions and even sillier opinions. I'm simply talking about some people's very loud opinions about which animals should be universally acceptable for consumption and which should not. Dogs are intelligent, dogs are loyal, dogs have personalities and feelings and hopes and dreams, etc. Well, so do horses for that matter. And in the States, you'd have a hard time finding large groups of people, rubbing their tummies and smacking their lips, gathered to share a meal of scrumdiddlyumptious barbecued horse steak. Here, in Italy, these people are not so hard to find. That's not to say each and every Italian eats horse on a daily basis or has horse hamburgers for a night out with friends or pizza with horse pepperoni and a cold beer while watching a game. Just like in the States, you'll have some people, more often than not, the younger generation, disdaining their parents for the guiltless partaking of roast duck and mutton chops. Likewise, you'll find some younger Italians who wouldn't touch horse meat with a ten foot pole. But generally speaking, Italians eat cavallo (horse). 

So it bothers me more than a little to hear these same horse eating Italians go on and on about how terrible it is that some countries actually eat dog meat or cat meat. Why? Because they're pets for some? So are horses. Because they're smarter than the average bear? So are horses. Because they serve mankind in more useful and practical ways than as food?  So do horses. Because they can be trained and help people with special needs? Again, so can horses. Look, I'm not trying to preach, really, I'm not. I'm just saying, if you're going to judge other people for their meat preferences, the very least you can do is come up with some reason that can't be turned itself around on you, thereby, highlighting your own hypocrisy. Just say you don't like it, that you wouldn't eat it, that it's gross, even - but don't say that those people are primitive or barbaric or disgusting. That's just your opinion of course about acceptable foods and you, yourself, probably had very little to do with the forming of that opinion. More likely, it had to do with where you were raised, who raised you and what you and those around you were fed while being raised. So you really shouldn't go around thinking yourself more intellectually developed or more humane simply because external factors over which you have had little or no control have contributed to the forming of certain culinary preferences. State your opinion about the food. Don't let it run over and dictate what you say about the people. It's bad manners to talk with your mouth full. It's pretentious and self-righteous to talk badly about those people with your mouth full of horse meat. And this is why I respect hard core vegans. I don't share their views. Not at all. Like I said, I like meat, but I respect the fact that they practice what they preach, walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

Those are my two cents ^.^ Buon Appetito!

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