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Part of a small, but growing Protestant church in Frascati, a small town in the hills just outside of Rome.

This is where I sometimes gripe, complain and grumble about the things I dislike, have yet to get used to or simply don't understand about bella Italia.
I do, however, have many people, places and things that I dearly love and I am more than aware of being blessed by each and every one of them.
Also - a few helpful posts for visitors to Rome or for newly arrived ex pats. Check the side bar for tags. I've even some recipes that I've borrowed, tweaked or invented. One thing I've come to love about Italy is how it's changed the way I eat - slow food !! Although ... I do miss Taco Bell ... and Jack in The Box ... and KFC ... and ::sigh::
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Totally Unrelated to Anything Italian Except for The Fact That I, a Korean American, Live in Italy

Just showing off again
- Homemade dishes by me, unless otherwise indicated - All photos by me
at 금강산 (Diamond Mountain) Restaurant
click photos to see the larger image

Here are a few of the types of 김치 kimchi I'm able to make at home 
when I can get my hands on the right seasonings and other ingredients

And here (BELOW) are some examples of 반찬 
Korean side dishes that I've had the pleasure of eating at
금강산 (Diamond Mountain) Restaurant

(BELOW) some photos of Mrs. PerillaLeaf and me making 김밥
Kimbap, the lesser known Korean food similar dish to Japan's Sushi

Rice for 김밥 Kimbap is not seasoned with vinegar - only salt, sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds

 a 김밥 kimbap "roller" made of bamboo (LEFT) and toasted & crushed sesame seeds

homemade 김밥 Kimbap

homemade 비빔밥 rice dish

떡볶이 spicy rice cake
 불고기 Korean BBQ beef

라면 ramyun

금강산 (Diamond Mountain) Restaurant

 Korean Spring Rolls

 잡채 cellophane pasta 
김밥 Kimbap

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