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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comments, Opinions and Mr. Anonymous

I've read that blogs take a while to get noticed, unless of course, its author is famous or it's mentioned by someone who is famous. I'm not at all famous nor do I know anyone famous and willing to give my blog a plug. In fact, I'm so very far from being famous that I'm still waiting for my posts to show up on search engines. And I'm ok with that. It's to be expected. I realize that my blog, by its very nature, will have a limited audience - English speaking expats living in Italy and with time to spare since my posts tend to run on the long-winded side. What I didn't expect was to receive a negative comment, at least not until I had first received a sizable amount of positive comments. That tends to happen - a guy could be blogging about his collection of pocket lint and after 100 positive comments from other like-minded pocket lint collectors, someone, somewhere will leave a nasty and mean comment just for the sake of ruining the poor guy's day. 

There are so many blogs out there. So. very. many. Mine is not particularly original, I admit. It's yet another blog by an expat, moaning and groaning about daily injustices encountered in a foreign land where the laws, the traditions, the customs and even the people lack the common decency to be an exact carbon copy of an idealized "back home". The nerve. In case it isn't entirely clear, I'm being sarcastic. 

The comment left by Mr. Anonymous (possibly a Mrs. or Ms., but will be referred to as Mr. for no other reason than:  I want to) was not exactly malicious or mean. For all I know, he could have written with the sincerest of intentions. Tone is a difficult thing to convey in writing. His grammar, punctuation and syntax would seem to indicate an individual who is educated and intelligent. I do not feign naivetè nor do I claim that I did not anticipate the reader who has differing opinions or perceptions from mine, the reader who feels I've offended him, his country or his loved ones, the reader who misinterprets my writing style or the reader who simply dislikes my blog for any number of reasons. I thought about these possibilities and that is exactly why I wrote a description under my blog's title and a disclaimer, too. Could I do more to warn the sensitive soul who will be perturbed, concerned or outraged by my boldness in pointing out what I perceive to be a flaw, inconsistency, inconvenience or peculiarity in the things I see, the situations I'm in, the people I meet or the experiences I have? Could I do more to caution the delicate reader who will be troubled, irritated or offended when I then write about these matters using an often humorous but usually sarcastic style that emphasizes or exaggerates certain details in an attempt to make a point, tell a story, warn, educate or, simply, share? Of course I could. I could interrupt the flow of story telling with numerous well spaced reader warnings that "although this is based on a true story, names have been changed, some aspects have been magnified, emphasized or amplified in some semblance of accordance with the literary forms known as satire, caricature, parody, humor, etc. in order to present readers with a true yet entertaining account of events while avoiding the monotonous boring narratives that they otherwise would be."  Sure, I could do that. But I have neither the political correctness nor the inclination.

With that said, I want to make it clear that I'm not at all against "negative" comments. I mean, I don't think well of comments made simply to be mean or to provoke, but then again, that's what we bloggers open ourselves up to - it comes with the territory. I'm not against people leaving a comment and giving their opinion, "Hey, I know Mr. Stinky and I think he smells lovely and, actually, you are the stinky one." "Hey, I think American pizza sucks and Italian pizza rocks." "Hey, horse meat is the bomb." That's all fine. Whatever floats your boat. What leaves me a bit perplexed, getting back to Mr. Anonymous, is how and why someone who seems rather intelligent would take time to type out his reaction and consequent opinion of his impression of his experience reading my blog while at the very same time questioning and criticizing me for doing the very same thing, that is, taking time to type out my reaction and consequent opinion of my impression of my experiences living in Rome. *confused My beef with Mr. Anonymous is not because he had nothing nice to say, well, maybe, just a little ... no, seriously, that's not the problem. If he had written, "if your so unhapy hear why dont u go back where u camed from?" - then I probably would have deleted his comment if only because it would pain me greatly to see such grammatical incompetence or I might leave it up so that others, too, could have a good laugh. But Mr. Anonymous is different. He has grammatical integrity. He's familiar with categorical imperatives. He correctly spelled its as a possessive adjective instead of it's the conjugation of third person singular + verb. He uses spaces after periods !! 

I suppose I should just say, boh? (I dunno) and not give it any more thought. And I should definitely stop judging people like Mr. Anonymous by a higher standard just because of their good sentence structure.  

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