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Sunday, January 30, 2011

HTML As A Fourth Language ...

... is not working out so well. 

I'm going bonkers. BONKers.

Widgets and codes and forward slashes and paddings and borders and .... ugh. 

Have a look.

Although in real life, my experience with html these past two days has looked like this  ... 

When I close my eyes, Brain does some Jedi mind trick and renders them in the fashion of Matrix codes -
falling down across my mind's screen in black and varying shades of green. 

It's worse than learning a new language ... it's like reading, writing and trying to comprehend a new language WHILE doing complicated math equations AND finding your way through a complicated labyrinth, all at the very same time. People who know their html are freaks of nature ... in a good way, that is. They are awesome.

As a newbie to this world of <i>strange</i> <b>symbols</b><br /><p align="CENTER">
and <u>codes</u></p>
I was willing to accept the white background in order to keep the pretty blue, heart motif header. I was willing to accept a small three-tabbed scrolling box in the sidebar rather than the one large multi-tabbed body like I had seen somewhere, sometime ago. I was willing to accept the fact that some things were just beyond my reach (read: comprehension) ... but OHHHHH! The frustration this second multi-tab box is giving me !!

I've literally abandoned Mr. Marito, Ms. SmartyPants and Mr. Uometto to their own devices - ignoring their pained cries for attention; annoyed by the slightest sounds, like, "Mommy, we're hungry," or something  to that effect; irked by the ticking hands of the clock, reminding me of duties shirked and responsibilities neglected. I've been sitting here, since Friday evening, with a hundred windows and tabs littering my computer screen in the hopes of finding some kind strangers with super human html powers. Like real life "Neo"s of The Matrix fame, I'm counting on them to release me from this "dream world" of html ignorance and set me free into a new "reality" of html expertise ... or proficiency ... mediocrity? Honestly, I'd settle for just enough know-how to get this second multi-tab box working properly. It's just sitting there, frozen on the computer screen, unwilling to do what I've distinctly created it, coded it and embedded it to do. It's horrible - unclickable, unscrollable, unbelievably uncooperative, undeniably unaccommodating ...  Oh! You, heartless multi-tab widget, you.

My attempt to produce a more professional and original blog is a failure. D'Oh! I have, however unintentionally, succeeded in one area; a very important one, according to experts who know All the Secrets to a Successful Blog. They encourage the amateur blogger toward a make-your-blog-a-reflection-of-you kind of philosophy. Well, in that case, I can tick that box off my list. My blog is definitely a reflection of me, it's looking more than a tad bit dazed and confused. Argh.

*EDIT 2:44 PM- I'm weak, I gave up. I left a few comments in various "html help" blogs. I waited and waited and waited for a reply, but after about twenty looooooong minutes, I just couldn't take it any longer. Really, I had absolutely positively no choice but to remove the offending party. I mean ... it was making my blog look stupid. Harumph!

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